Whatup! Just wanted to give everybody a rundown of how the trip to California is going:

Arrived here around 1 pm only to find out the airline lost my bag! Was told to come back around 630 pm to get it. Mind you right now I’m dressed like I’m going to computer camp so I feel real out of place without my gear

Stopped off to get some hawaiin BBQ (Cali staple) in the mission area of San francisco. It was bangin as usual:


We walked around downtown for a while checkin out kicks and whatnot. This one store had the biggest display of chucks I’ve ever seen:


Found some dope graffiti  downtown too:


Standard San Francisco street car pic:


P.S. Finally got my gear back just in time for me and Kam to rock the show at 330 Ritch.  Show turned out pretty well, video coming soon.

It’s day two right now and we’re on a long drive to LA (six hours). Stay tuned for the next update!