Greensboro’s weekly publication mentioned two crew members in two separate articles this week!

DJ SK was mentioned in an article about the Blind Tiger reunion Party:

““This is real hip hop,” she said with a kind of baptismal authority. With DJ SK on the tables, Young Fella opened the evening as the Remy Martin and Grey Goose flowed freely”

DJ Forge was mentioned in an article about the recent CNN + Raekwon show at the Cat’s Cradle:

“Wearing a Carolina blue Santa hat, he Triangle’s own DJ Forge gave the gift of original mixes of NAS, Busta Rhymez, Onyx and Mobb Deep in between sets, while engendering a scrap of admiration for Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3.0” … “DJ Forge held the night together until the guest of honor would arrive with a handful of very special guests in tow.”

Thanks for the write-ups Ryan!