A message from The StepBrothers (DJ Paradime and DJ Forge):

We’re gonna be honest.  We think most transition tracks suck.  By the time the usual transition track actually gets to the song, it’s gone on for countless bars which kills the mood and lightens up the dancefloor.  You know how when you’re trying to work on some DJ stuff and your significant other is talking about new curtains or something like that and she keeps going on and on and on you wish she’d just get to the point? That’s how we feel about transition tracks. So this one does just that, it gets to the point. There’s a 16 bar intro with minimal drums so you can mix in, and then 16 bars total of Gucci Mane vocal chops from the song mixed with b-more drums and then straight into the original version of Lemonade. Enjoy.

Download: Gucci Mane – Lemonade Heroes (StepBrothers Transition) [right-click and save]