NC (and neighboring states) DJs: It’s time for the first annual MMA competition! MMA is a multi-tiered DJ battle that involves both DMC style battles as well as a 10 minute mix-off competition.  You have until January 19th to get your sets ready! The competition is open to all who wish to enter and we hope everyone is up for some friendly competition!

Updated: Details for the competition:

  • The 10 minute mixoff is a free for all, you can play whatever you want. Whoever rocks the crowd the best while showcasing the most skill on the decks is who we are looking for to win
  • The DMC style battle is exactly what you think it is: you have three minutes to display your technical skill on the decks (juggling, scratching, body tricks, etc).
  • The event will be judged by a 4-5 judge panel (NO CROWD JUDGING!) which will be compiled of some big name DJs from across NC.  They will be judging via a points system which will be broken down into several categories and then tallying that for an overall score to determine the winner of each competition.
  • The competition setup will be: 2 Technics 1200s + 1 Rane TTM-56 mixer (and serato attached for the mixoff of course)
  • Prizes include: Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones, a trophy, a TBD cash prize, and some offerings from Scratch Academy
  • The deadline to apply for entry is Thursday January 14th.  If you’re interested in getting in the battle then please reach out to DJ SK via facebook