Let me begin by saying that the battle was a huge success! The talent was top notch and the crowd was the big winner last night for being able to see all the DJs on the same stage.

We have a long list of thank yous! First off all the DJs that competed in the Mix battle, Red October, Skinner, LottaNoiz, Yona, 818, Climax, Bro Soul, Red, Will I Am the DJ, Finger Blast and A-Minor mad respect, you guys killed it!

Also thank you to the DJs who rocked in the Scratch Battle Taz, Skinner, Trizack and Adam great job!

We have to thank our superstar panel of judges for being fair and unbiased, THETZONE, Drew McMath, Brian Bro, J-Flex, Sound Machine and King Pin you guys had a tough job last night and you did a phenomenal job of picking the winners. It was not an enviable task.

And last but not least, we have to thank our sponsors, please check out their websites and go out and support them if they are throwing an event or spinning a party! With These Hands Mix Academy, ScenelessCity, Scratch Academy, DJ Kingpin, 336events.com, 704events.com, Deep Cover Movement, JukeBox Heroes, and DJ Soden. Thank you for your time, support and prize donations! Also please check out Niche Magazine and Spot Rushers entertainment, they were there last night covering the event.

On behalf of the JukeBox Heroes and DJ Soden we would like to congratulate or winners Finger Blast AKA SPCLGST (Mix Battle Champion) and DJ Taz Scratch Battle Champion, and say THANK YOU to all the people that came out and supported our event! There is more quality entertainment coming in the near future!

Here are a few pics from the event. please contact us if you have more (click view with piclens option for best effect)!

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