The CIAA basketball tournament is coming up at the end of the month and it’s always a huge affair for Charlotte and NC in general.  People come from all areas of the country to attend CIAA (including quite a few of your favorite celebrities) and it’s not just for basketball;  There are tons of parties both day and night (no kid cudi), for people to attend.  Making a decision on which parties to go to while you’re in Charlotte for the weekend can be a difficult task.  After all, with so much going on how are you supposed to know where to go to have a good time?

Easy, you party with us, that’s how!  DJ Paradime has you covered for both Friday and Saturday nights.  Here’s the rundown:

Friday Night (2/26): DJ Paradime @ Founder’s Hall for “Founders Hall Frenzy” (presented by Maz Entertainment)

Saturday Night (2/27): DJ Paradime @ Whiskey River for “The CIAA Main Event – hosted by Baby from Cash Money” (presented by Inner Circle Events)

Paradime is no stranger to spinning CIAA events so make sure to check these events out because we guarantee satisfaction.

[also thanks to daranysarah for our flyer design]

original flyers for the party: