Son of Sam and I are aiming to bring a new hip hop based monthly to downtown Raleigh.  We’re throwing it the third friday of every month at five star and this Friday March 19th is the first installment.  We will be playing STRICTLY hip hop, but intead of locking into one era we’re gonna go across the board.  You want to hear a Snoop joint from doggystyle? Cool! You wanna hear Nas’ “Nas Is Like”? Cool! You wanna heard Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade”? Cool!

We’re not limiting ourselves on this one and we hope if you’re a hip hop fan you’ll come join us as we play our favorite tunes from the genre that has built our careers.  It’ll cost you just $5 at the door, and come as you are, we’re not stressin the dress code so wear your finest kicks and your favorite fitted and enjoy yourself.

By the way, Five Star  just upgraded it’s sound system just in time for this to start, and to say that it’s the best in downtown Raleigh now is an understatement. You’ll feel every kick drum and every bass line, just the way it was meant to be.

Check the scenario.