This is the last battle before the championship round taking place Nov. 16th at Greene st. in Greensboro.

The battle is a 10 minute mix off that will pit DJs against one another in a test of party rocking skills.

At stake are a trophy, cash, prizes and bragging rights.

Or guest judge will be Sammy Bananas of Fools Gold Records out of NYC.

Details for the competition:

* The 10 minute mixoff is a free for all, you can play whatever you want. Whoever rocks the crowd the best while showcasing the most skill on the decks is who we are looking for to win

* The event will be judged by a 4-5 judge panel (NO CROWD JUDGING!) which will be compiled of some big name DJs from across NC. They will be judging via a points system which will be broken down into several categories and then tallying that for an overall score to determine the winner of each competition.

* The competition setup will be: 2 Technics 1200s + 1 Rane TTM-56 mixer (and serato attached for the mixoff of course).

If you would like to battle contact SK via Facebook or call 336-772-3051