Intel and MTV Iggy are bringing Santigold to Chapel Hill as part of The Music Experiment. Those hoping to attend the show have already tweeted and obtained their tickets via Tweets [if they were lucky, tickets were limited]. The location is completely secret as concert-goers will ride a shuttle to the secret venue, which will be decorated in a “midsummer night’s dream” theme [attendees are encouraged to come dressed to the theme, there’s even a pinterest board with outfit inspirations].

So why are we posting about this show? Well…


MTV Iggy has selected crew member DJ SK and Permanent Vacation member Thien to provide opening music for this secret show!  Spinning for approximately an hour and a half prior to Santigold hitting the stage, they’ve been tasked with getting everyone in the proper mood for the theme of the show.

If you managed to get tickets, we’ll see you there [don’t forget to tweet with the hashtag #musicexperiment while you’re there].  If not, stay tuned to the music experiment page as they will have photo and video recaps posted to the site.