The prospects of a new year are upon us! We all made it through the mayan apocalypse so come celebrate with us and bring in 2013 the right way! We’re all over the place in NC this year so no matter the city, we have something in store for you:

If you’re in Chapel Hill, make sure to check out DJ Ev. at Top of The Hill

If you’re in Wilmington, check out DJ A-Minor at Red Dog’s courtesy of Red Bull

If you’re in Raleigh then check DJ Flash at Star Bar!

Join DJ SK at Mortimer’s in Charlotte!


Join DJ Ern at Lotus in Greensboro


Join DJ Paradime at Spy in Raleigh

Join DJ Yona at Still Life in Raleigh

Join DJ Forge at Barcelona in Fayetteville

Pick a party and we’ll see you there!