Halloween in Durham at The Pinhook

Halloween in Durham

With DJ Forge At The Pinhook


This year I’ve decided to team up with some friends and throw an awesome party for Halloween in Durham at The Pinhook.  Joining me in the party will be DJ Rang [aka Borat in the picture up there — I’m going to be Ali G], and Toon.  We’re planning to play all kinds of music and our main focus is just helping everyone have a good time that night.  We’ve priced the party at a reasonable $5 all night long.  For those planning to arrive in costume, we’ll be giving away $100 for the best costume [in the form of a Pinhook bar tab]!

The Music

First of all, you won’t find many parties around here with two DJs going back and forth all night.  Secondly, Rang and I are planning to play everything under the sun on this night.  If it makes you want to party, we’re gonna be playing it.  We get tired of living under the restrictions of some clubs’ formats so we decided to give the party back to the people.  Fourthly, err, uhh I mean Thirdly, we do still have those Halloween classics in the lineup for you [hey, group of zombies in the corner wanting to do their coordinated dance to Thriller — we’re looking at you on this one].  Basically, when you have fun, we have fun, so that’s the name of the game.

The Mic

On the mic all night we have our good friend Toon [you may know him from supergroup Toon & The Real Laww].  If you’ve ever been to one of Toon’s shows, then you already know he’s known to get everyone fired up and get the heads noddin’.  If you’ve never been to one of Toon’s shows? First of all, shame on you! But go ahead and consider our party an introduction to one of NC’s best talents. Check out their latest EP [and BUY IT!]:

The Party

As mentioned earlier, we’re giving away a $100 prize for the best costume we see that night.  The bartenders at Pinhook are gonna do a fine job of pouring up the libations for you, and we promise to do our best to set this party off.

Get In Free

Stay tuned to our Facebook event for updates and ticket giveaways!