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DJ Paradime has had a love for music for as long as he can remember. Having been strongly influenced by his sister and other friends, Paradime was introduced to the art of deejaying at a young age in high school. What started off as a hobby using an old pair of belt driven Audiovox turntables began to grow quickly as a strong passion and a future career for DJ Paradime.

After starting off small he was able to upgrade his equipment and start practicing more and more complex battle routines which were strongly influenced by the X-Men and Invisble Scratch Piklz videos. DJ Paradime looked to DJ MC, DJ Flash (of Little Brother)and DJ Skillz as his mentors. Together they would practice scratching, beatjuggling and acrobatics. Paradime learned that each one of them have brought their own uniqueness to the art of deejaying, which have helped influence DJ that he is today.

After mastering the art of deejaying, he started accompanying DJ MC and DJ Skillz to party after party all along the east coast. Paradime got his foot planted in the RDU deejaying scene by deejaying parties and hip hop shows. Once the buzz started getting out about this new DJ, Paradime started learning about other aspects of the craft such as mix tapes, battling and parties. After doing local hiphop shows, Paradime met new artists and became friends with a local MC named Sean Boog of The Away Team/The Justus League. After gaining recognition from there shows, they were able to go on tour with hip hop group Little Brother and Hall of Justus, where they asked Paradime to be the official DJ for The Away Team. That’s where his career really began.

Today, Paradime has over five years of experience, deejaying all across the U.S. including cities like Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. He has deejayed the biggest Asian Student Association college parties with over 700 people in attendance.  With 10 mix tapes under his producing belt, Paradime truly prides in the fact that his mix tapes are not pause tapes as he actually puts a lot of work into these tapes, as they are just not shouting from song to song. These mix tapes have been circulating everywhere from magazine reviews to the hands of veterans in the industry while gaining the respect of all who come across them.


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